Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And a Month from TODAY...

...is D-Day for our family...our court date.  Breathe, Ruth, just breathe...


  1. oh sweetie,just breathe..He holds all of our tomorrows and He is so tender to us. "With His one arm, He is able to break through any barrier, overpower any obstacle;yet with the other arm, He is tenderly caring for You as a loving Shepherd."(gripped by the greatness of God-J. Mcdonald) Praying for you in this next month my friend-for peace and joy. love darci

  2. For us too... what a wonderful feeling. I am so happy to be able to go over there. It will be a incredible souvenir to meet you for the first time in Ethiopia.

  3. I've got fingers crossed and a paper bag (to assist with the breathing) waiting for you down here.... (:

  4. Thanks guys - you're sweet!

    And Kristina, hang on to that paper bag for a while yet, would you??