Friday, December 3, 2010

What Lovely Support

I must say, you folks are a generous and accepting lot!  Not only have some of you commented that it's ok to ramble, but Sheldon pointed out that I am justified in rambling because it's built into the name of my blog!  I hadn't even thought of that connection, but I like it and will use it to justify my current actions!!

Seriously, friends, I'm running on at the mouth these days.  Just this morning, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a few other moms while our kids were in French class, and guess what I discovered?  I had a new audience!  Only one of the moms knew about our referral so I had fresh meat upon whom to bestow our news and with whom to share our pictures (which I then left out on the table so that I - and everyone else around me - could stare at them at will).  I'm sure I shimmered as I basked in all of the congratulations and praise; and I know I couldn't stop smiling, from the inside out.  I talked so much for ninety minutes that I'm sure the other women would have loved stuffing my coffee cup into my mouth from time to time.  I ignored all commonly accepted rules of behaviour by interrupting freely and finding a way to change the topic back to me and some minute aspect of our adoption.  I went on and on about things like my fear of girls' hair, my inability to coordinate girls' clothes (though that topic might have been productive because it resulted in several offers of help!), the length of my daughter's eyelashes and how beautiful both of their eyes are, their likely state of development when they come home, how long immigration might take, the benefits that h/schooling will provide in their case, etc etc.  In hindsight, I feel more than a little embarrassed at the way my insides spilled out in that way, but I'm hoping they'll just chalk it up to my bubbling joy at the prospect of our family finally being in the process of completion.  Next week, though, if they want to resume regular conversation, they may be well advised to sit at a different table...otherwise I'm pretty sure Motor Mouth is going to take over again.  Yikes.  This is craziness!

Sheldon, thanks for helping me to justify yet another rant!


  1. I LOVE this!! Life is way too short not to revel in these beautiful hope filled moments. Ramble on Ruth! :)

  2. Hi Ruth!

    I recently came across this magazine which perhaps you know about already: adoptive families magazine. It's American but it looks really good and I found this article relating to your comments section:

    have a nice weekend, Katie in Ottawa

  3. as one of the people at the table, I think you are being too hard on yourself. How else can we, who are not experiencing this fascinating, life alterating, phenom - truly enter in unless you TALK????

    So happy to just revel with you...


  4. I wish you lived closer!!! I feel like I have been rambling on for 2 years about this adoption, and I don't even have a photo or anything to show for it. I think I must bore the living daylights out of everyone I least you have something exciting to talk about and evidence to back it up!!! You talk as much as you want!