Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Time Last Year...

...Geoff, Matthew and I were in California, basking in the warmth of Los Angeles and San Diego.  My parents had rented a house for a time, and they and we, along with my siblings and their families, spent the days enjoying each other's company and the location.  Who wouldn't like to leave the Canadian cold for a while to thaw out for a while in the land of the beach babies?  It was a very generous gesture by my parents.

And they have done it again...two years in a row!  We've been blown away by them. I don't know what's come over them but if this is senior senility, then bring it on - jk, mom and dad, in case you're reading this!  (jk means 'just kidding' - again, in case the folks are reading!)

Thus, I am publishing this at the moment our flight is supposed to take off...again for California.  My parents have again rented a house there and we will all meet up in a few days' time, after Geoff, Matthew and I spend a few days on our own.  I am really looking forward to it.  Geoff's been working so many hours lately that I'm just itching for the three of us to have a little quality time together.  Other than SeaWorld and Disneyland, we have very few plans.  And that's just perfect.

I'm pretty sure that we'll have continuous wi-fi access throughout our time away, so I plan to continue blogging (can't shut me up for long), though perhaps not quite as regularly as usual.  But I figure it's ok if I'm not posting quite as often, 'cause who's going to want to be reading this blog over Christmas anyway?!

Palm trees and sunshine and warm swimming pools, here we come!


  1. Have a fantastic trip! I am so happy for you to be able to spend some family time. I really do think that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, though maybe not with the holiday crowds! Anyway, relax, enjoy each other and your extended family and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful holidays my friend. xxx

  3. Enjoy and take care. I look forward to reading your blog in the New Year. Carolyn from Cornwall