Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Time has Returned

A few evenings ago, at Matthew's insistence, he and I carved up this year's Halloween pumpkin.  I've been holding him off for weeks, and finally, this was the night.  He was thrilled!

I love the open mouth of Matthew's concentration as he draws onto the pumpkin the face he wants carved into it.

Matthew's creation:

In the darkness of the kitchen, behold the finished product:

Putting on his most sinister face, in hopes of looking like his pumpkin:


  1. Love the pics of pumpkin carving and the red ivy tracing up the building in St.B, Ruth! Plus, I think I might try the cranberry loaf recipe (with the raisins!). It looks delicious.

  2. Great pumpkin Matthew, it's VERY scary! Did you toast up the seeds?


  3. Looks like Matthew had a lot of fun!!!


  4. Cute pics! Oh, this is too name is Ruth as well and I have a son named Matthew too! My Matthew is 15. :-)