Monday, September 27, 2010


Last week, at Supestore, I bought Matthew a $12.50 Crayola product that has been a very good investment of money so far.  It's a dry-erase lap board that came with a number of sheets that you slide in behind the clear writing board, and you can also put whatever other things you want behind there to give a child some creative things to do (games, mazes, etc).  At least a few times last week, I came into the family room and found this sight: Matthew working (voluntarily) on his letters.  Little does Crayola know that I would have paid $18.00 for this result.


  1. Thanks for the idea Ruth. I think we'll make a trip to Costco to see if we can snag one of those for our family! ~Heidi

  2. Our boys each rec'd one of those for Christmas from us and yes, they have been WONDERFUL. Glad Matthew is getting so much enjoyment out of it already.