Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can You Tell that I Just Learned How to Make Collages?

Here is a snapshot of our peregrine falcon field trip last week: it began with a picnic with friends; included some education about this endangered species (the falcons, not the friends!); provided a demonstration of how a birding dog works; and, best of all, allowed for some philosophical conversation time between Matthew and his beloved buddy, I:


  1. Hey, how did you do that??? Teach me my friend.


  2. Yes, please share your knowledge!

  3. It's very easy to get...you just download (for free) a program called Picasa. You then upload your pictures into Picasa, and choose the pictures with which you want to make the collage. I'm not technologically oriented, so it took me 60-90 minutes to get everything uploaded and figured out, but now that I know how to do it, it's pretty simple. I really love the result.