Monday, July 26, 2010

More Vampire Stuff to Report - Please Overlook if You Just Sighed.

Well, I told you I would.  And I did.  I went to see Eclipse, the latest Twilight flick.  In fact, I've seen it twice now.  And I wasn't the oldest person in the theatre, either time.  So there, all of you Twi-hard haters.

(Incidentally, I was shocked both times at how many young kids were in the theatre.  And I do mean  young - I'm talking, like, ages six through eight kind of young!  I felt like asking those parents to give their heads a shake.  But that's a tangent for another day.)

Of the three movies in the saga thus far, my opinion is that Eclipse is not quite as good as the first one (which I thought was really well done), but that it is hugely better than the second one.  Critics have rated it well, and so have most viewers, from what little I've read.  I thought that the storyline stayed very true to the book, and that worked for me.  The acting was still mediocre from the two leads, but I cut them some slack because, well, I just liked the movie, ok??

After I saw the movie, I came home and read some of the viewer reviews of it, and one viewer review struck my funny bone in particular.  I thought you skeptics out there might relish a good laugh at my expense.  This young little wee thing wrote, and I quote: "It is, like, the best movie ever. It brings out my inner self. No other movie can compare to the amazingness of this movie. 10/10."  Huhhh? When I read that, my thought was probably similar to the one you're having:  girl, you need to work on your inner life a bit more if Twilight is what brings it to the forefront.  She also needs to work on her grammar...but maybe she'll get there when she starts, like, sixth grade.

* Thanks for the comment, Shannon.  Shocking re: the kids' toy thing at Burger King - wow.  I didn't watch the first movie until it had been out for over a year and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  Let me know what you think when you finally see it!  R.

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  1. HI Ruth ,

    I laughed today only because I also got rather sucked into these books. They where a fast read. Bella did make me a bit crazy but I kept on reading.

    I have a standing date with my best friend to watch the movies one night when we get a chance. She still teases me that I have not seen them yet.

    On the way home from vacation we stop on the road at a Burger King ( only choice ) When waiting in line I saw the display that holds the plastic kids toys, I was shocked to see they where Twilight toys !