Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching Fish...Not

In the second half of June, Geoff and Matthew took up fishing.  They started with city-run fishing lessons on two consecutive Saturday mornings.  Two Saturdays ago, on June 26, they were fishing at the floodway just outside of the city.  I went to spy on them!

Here's my handsome hubbie, looking contemplative (or bored) as he attempts to induce the fish to come to his waiting hook:

I never did get a picture of Matthew fishing.  He apparently spent most of the fishing lessons playing with another boy (Matthew is on the left):

This past weekend at my parents' cottage, Matthew and Geoff fished off the end of the dock for a couple of hours (still with no fish to prove their efforts!).  At least Matthew enjoyed the live bait!

I think they've invested about eight hours into fishing in the past few weeks.  Surely they're bound to catch a real fish soon!!

* Thanks for the comment, Sharla.  I've also only been fishing a couple of times in my life (and not for the past fifteen years!) and actually got a fish on my hook once while out with my cousin.  I made HIM get the thing off the hook and practically cried until he let the poor thing back into the water.  I vowed then never to do it again.  And yeah, the bait thing is disgusting to me, too.  I don't know how they actually get the live worms onto the hook, and I don't really WANT to know either.


  1. I went fishing a couple of times as a kid and I liked the calm of it, the relaxing aspect but always used to hope I wouldn't actually catch a fish! Matthew sure seems to like the live bait...ewww!

  2. Ruth,

    The thought of fishing ranks right up there with root canal in my books, but Phil and Isaiah LOVE it. I see other potential mornings of leisurely drinking coffee, entertaining Micah and waiting for the fish to come in. We haven't actually seen any results yet, but the rule is I'm not touching it until it's cooked!!!