Friday, June 25, 2010

Who says Sleeping Beauty has to be a GIRL?

One evening last week, when I was on my way to bed, I went to check on Matthew and give him the final tuck-in for the night.  I came across him in the doorway of his room, conked out in one of the sleeping bags that I had set out for the next day (to go to family camp).  What is it about sleeping kids that is so captivating, so emotion-gathering?  Their innocence, perhaps, or the way their faces relax into something so soft and gentle?  Whatever it is, it totally worked on me.  I sat down on the floor for a few minutes on the other side of the doorway and just stared at him.  Loved him.  Offered up a prayer of thanksgiving for him.

* Thanks for the comments folks - love 'em!


  1. Great picture Ruth !!!!!
    Sleeping beauty it is

  2. Love reading your blog! Thanks Ruth. There is just something about a sleeping child that makes you them them even more.

  3. What a cutie! Sleeping kids just choke me up (especially mine!!). :)

  4. Ruth,

    I think God gives us those sleeping angels to deal with those days when we are convince they are being driven by 'the other side'!!!

    Can't believe that you are a Leo too... what DON'T we have in common!!!


  5. Matthew's little up-turned hand. I love their little hands, even when they are dirty. What a nice post. Matthew is a treasure, a little miracle who just wants to imagine and play and laugh and love and grow big and strong. It is so easy to overlook these simple moments because we are so tired or busy or distracted or impatient. Good job in photographing him and saying a little prayer. I need to do more of both.

  6. Just beautiful :)