Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun in the Sun

No, we're not contemplating a sunny getaway; not going anywhere at the moment.  I'm talking about this city over the past few weeks.  This is the earliest spring Geoff, Matthew, and I have experienced since moving here in 2005.  We thought that spring of '06 was great - the season turned with delightful vengeance on April 01, and stayed spectacular right through to early November.  But this year...mmmm...we've been enjoying spring for about two weeks already.  And when you endure cold Canadian prairie winter after cold Canadian prairie winter, you bet there's excitement in the air when the scent of spring permeates the nostrils earlier than usual!

There is no snow left on our driveway, only a small pile in a corner of the backyard and, when Matthew and I were driving around town yesterday, we played a game to see who could spot the greatest number of snow piles remaining...and the numbers didn't add up very quickly!  It's been a prairie sunshiny kinda last week or two, with temperatures up to eleven celsius.

Of course, we who live here know that we're not out of the woods yet - it's supposed to get a bit colder again for the next few days and, heaven forbid, we might see more snow fall yet!  So we won't pack up the parkas and mitts quite yet.  But for now, it's so lovely to be able to go outside wearing only a hoodie, get our pant legs wet from wading through puddles or have to put on a different pair altogether because the first pair got muddy from walking across the squishy fields near our house.  It's been fun to get the bikes down from the ceiling hooks where they hang, suspended, throughout the winter, and race each other down the street.  We just need a good rain now, to wash away some dirt and get the grass greening up.

Ahh spring.  I think I'll head outdoors right now and turn my face to the heavens, just to bask in the sun for a while.  Kinda warms the soul.

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