Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taking a Moment

You know that you and your kid know each other just a little too well when...

My morning shower is usually pretty perfunctory - I get done what needs doing and then I'm out.  Usually in about 3.5 minutes.  This morning, hand poised to turn off the tap after my shower, I instead found myself  simply standing there for an extra minute or so, luxuriating in the heat.  It was a calm and relaxing moment...what I imagine to be a zen-like centering, getting ready for the day.

A little while later, over breakfast, Matthew commented:  "so, Mom, I noticed that you took an extra long shower this morning.  What's up with that?"

Yikes.  Clearly I've gotta become a bit less predictable...maybe tomorrow I'll do something really radical - like taking a full eight minutes in the shower - wonder what the reaction to that would be?  Sheesh.

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