Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Blog Followers

A few folks have signed up recently to follow my blog (from various parts of the globe, even) - thank you!!  I love, love, love knowing who reads my it my curious nature!  I do try to send everyone who signs up a private email, but for some reason, I don't think they've been going through - my apologies - I'm working on it in my slow, non-techno-savy kind of way.  Nonetheless, I am so very honoured by your presence here!!


* Thank you all for your comments - I'm glad you're here!  And Gwen, I'm totally - what's the word - stoked/amazed/honoured that mine is the only blog you've actually signed up to be a follower of - thanks!!!!


  1. I am enjoying your rambles!!!


  2. You must know that yours is the ONLY blog I've clicked on "Follow." I don't have my followers up because I just can't take the pressure and the possible humiliation of only having three followers. It IS a popularity contest! lol!

  3. Hi Ruth. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what your family is up to and what you have been reading lately.

  4. HI Ruth....
    still reading...just not commenting that much...will try to get back into commenting instead of just picking up the phone to comment in person!!!!