Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Countdown Continues

Today marks twenty-two months since our adoption file arrived in Ethiopia.  Oddly, I am more accepting of this number than I was of last month's number.  Probably because I finally believe that our time is coming - we are now #7 on the wait list for siblings.  With the recent sibling referral to a family ahead of us on the list, Geoff and I now have the broadest age range of the first seven families.

When deciding on what our child request would be, Geoff and I had to take into account Manitoba law, which stated that:  1) the birth order of our children must be maintained; and 2) that Matthew must remain our oldest child by a minimum of a year.  Because Matt was born March 04, 2004, our request became for "siblings born after March 04, 2005."  In less than two weeks, Matthew turns six; thus, our Ethiopian-born children may be just about to turn five years old...or they might be infants...or one of each.

In my heart of hearts, I hold an ideal scenario - I have a secret wish about what I would like our children's ages and genders to be. But, of course, I have no control over this...and, regardless of their age or gender, I can hardly wait to see their faces for the first time.  I believe that God has the right kids in mind for us.  And I know, too, that despite my private thoughts on the matter now, these wishes will fade into insignificance when I can no longer imagine any children coming in their place other than the ones we will be so blessed to parent.

Thank you for your Comments Everyone:
* Gwen, I know what you mean about having clothes and toys and other equipment for various ages and both genders.  Though I have only one boy currently, I have bins and bins full of stuff crowding my basement, containing a broad range of infant gear and boy clothes/equipment/etc.  The week that I learn of the ages and gender of our ET-born children will be the week that I begin to cull that inventory...or not, depending on what our referral is.
* Karen, I, too, am amazed about where our adoption is at given last summer's horrors; just six months ago, I despaired that our dream would ever materialize...yet now, I'm back to predicting when I might receive my referral.  Truly amazing!


  1. I hope and pray that your time is near and can't wait to hear all about it.

    Anxiously waiting,

  2. Wow Ruth! That's exciting that you now have the broadest range in your request. Your turn could be very soon! Can't wait to read the awesome news one of these days!

  3. Aw, Ruth. That's a long wait. I was just saying to my husband yesterday that it would just be so much easier if we just knew the genders and ages. We've got a crib with pink sheets, 6 year-old boy clothes, infant girl clothes, a pink tricycle, boys' hockey skates, Tonka trucks, etc.... we have no idea what we're going to need. And when I'm visualizing our newly expanded family, I don't know if I'll have an infant in a sling, or a 7 year old (who's really 9). It's a challenge.

    But keep on keepin' on! Your number will be up any day now. I'm so looking forward to hearing about your referral news! :)

  4. Your family's time is definitely coming soon Ruth. Pretty amazing, isn't it, considering the last summer?!

    Can't wait to read about the children you will be blessed to parent!