Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey there -
I've noticed that a number of people have recently signed up as followers of my blog; in addition, I've been receiving an increased number of hits to the site (from all over the world!)...and I wanted to say thank you...I love it!

When I first 'went public' with my blog sometime in October, I was absolutely terrified.  I was worried about what people would think of me, my life, and my opinions.  For me at that moment, the decision to open up the blog was one meant to encourage/force me to write on a regular basis.  Somewhat to my surprise, the first comment I received on my blog (thank you Gwen!) thrilled me!  Since then, I've come to love and look forward to reading what people have to say, knowing that we are connecting in a way that was brand new to me only a short time ago.

I value your support and friendship, welcome your comments and input into my life, and thank you for reading my blog!  I'm having a blast doing this and hope you're enjoying it too.



  1. Right back at ya, Ruth! I feel exactly the same and so appreciate your insights.

    p.s. Thanks for your kind words on my Star gazing post the other day. (:

  2. I thank you for your blog!
    In a lot of ways, over the last few years, I have felt that Sheldon and I were alone. Not really as we have a GREAT support system of family and friends! But, no one has gone/is going through the infertility and then adoption path. Yes, infertility but no adoption after. Because of the bankruptcy, it has brought us together. And through your blog I feel I know you better. You have opened your life to all of us. That is a bold move. And I, truly, look forward to what you have to say everyday! So thank you!

  3. Thank you for your comments - how lovely to hear such support. I'm so glad that you find something about this blog meaningful.



  4. hi Ruth,
    i've been lurking, but decided that is bad etiquette so i finally signed up as a follower. :) Our adoption blog is private, but if you'd like an invite to check it out, please email me:

  5. Katie -
    I'm so glad you're 'come out of the closet' and are blurking no longer.

    Welcome to the blog...and I look forward to being involved with your blog. I'll send you an email.



  6. Hi Ruth

    I guess it's time for me to delurk too. I'm also one of the families that was caught up in the bankruptcy and I'm also on the yahoo group (that's how I found your blog). I love reading it, and though I'm not officially a "follower", I do follow your blog faithfully! :)


  7. Hi Laura -
    Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog - I'm thrilled to have you here! And feel free to sign up as a 'follower' too - it probably means little to most people, but I LOVE seeing the faces and/or names on the blog when I sign in - makes me feel like I'm writing directly to those people.

    I'm not sure where you're at in the adoption process, but I'm so, SO glad that we're rolling along again after that disastrous summer. I hope things go along speedily for you. I'd love to hear more about where you're at - if you want to email me, feel free!