Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No More Obstacles...None...Nothing...Nada...

News Just in...

It appears that every single hurdle that prevented Imagine Adoption from proceeding with adoptions has finally been surmounted.  We have been informed that the province of Ontario just issued the new Imagine Adoption its international adoption license.  YAY!  With that announcement, we are officially back in business!  The five-month-two-day delay in our adoption process ends today.  Now, we simply begin the waiting game again... and that wait will end the day we receive a referral of our two Ethiopian-born children.

The agency is not able to confirm when referrals will start up again.  Staff indicate, however, that referrals will start much earlier than was initially proposed during the restructuring process (then, the goal was for referrals to start no later than March 2010).  What that means to me is this: if referrals are to start before March, 2010, that means that January and February should be very good months for the waiting families!  I'm not sure precisely what the implications are for our family. There are a number of families ahead of us on the wait list for a sibling referral; however, I believe that if at least one child was male and if at least one child was four years old, we would be the first on the list.

May January or February encompass the day that brings us our long-long awaited good news!



    Looking forward to hearing your good news as well... and then ours only 8-12 months later...

  2. "We are also very excited to inform you that we have been able tocommence the process of referrals once again!"

    new update..go check your email..I am bawling! and just praising God! sob!!

    we are waiting for siblings too..not sure if you are ahead of us? our dte was August 08.
    oh yay! It's really happening!!