Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Don't Even LIKE Vampire Stuff...But I Liked "Twilight" and Now There's...

Every season I pick a couple of tv shows that I like to watch and these are generally the ones that I follow throughout the season.  We don't watch a lot of tv in our house, but I do like having 1-2 shows to watch in a given week.  This year, after watching a number of shows at the beginning of the season, not much had grabbed my attention - I've watched a few episodes of The Mentalist and Top Chef, but I'm kinda tired of these already.  I thought I'd have to wait until January to watch a show I knew I'd like - American Idol!  Yes, I do enjoy American Idol quite a lot; Geoff and I have followed three of the past four seasons.

Then, as I was about to give up on finding anything, I watched a show that grabbed my attention.  It's sad, I know, and utterly juvenile, but it's true nonetheless:  I hereby confess that I now watch Vampire Diaries on Thursday evenings.  The show just started a couple of months ago, around the same time that I watched the original Twilight movie.  The two are quite similar in many elements and I suppose that this drew me in to watching Vampire Diaries...well, that and the character of Damon, the deliciously wicked vampire brother.

It's a bit embarrassing how much I look forward to Thursday night at 10 pm but it's true.  Unfortunately, I haven't actually seen a new episode in a while: last week was a repeat; the week before it wasn't on; and the week before that I was out and forgot to tape it.  Oh well, there's always hope for tonight!

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  1. That's terrible. I'm wondering whether I should secretly be scared of you and your vampire interests... Maybe I'll prolong this meeting you thing a little bit :)