Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Am A Cat.

I am not an ant.
I am not a duck.
I am a cat.
I can run in the sand and in mud.
A man sat on an ant in the sand.
I will lick the ant and eat it.
It is fun.

Three months ago, reading this short little story would have been an impossibility for Matthew.  But this is what he read aloud to Geoff and me after dinner last Thursday.  Matthew and I have diligently been working on reading lessons - they have comprised a big part of our kindergarten homeschooling efforts so far.  We're about 40 lessons into the instructional book we're using, How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and he is learning the sounds of all of the letters and how to print them in lowercase (he has been able to print uppercase letters for almost two years).  I think he's making great progress.

It's an awesome experience, seeing one's child work his way through sounds and words, and make sense of the whole!  I can hardly wait until the day I walk into his bedroom well after he should be sleeping and 'catch' him reading a book with a flashlight...oh wait, that was me as a kid!  The difference between my past covert reading adventures and Matthew's future ones will be this:  now that I'm wearing the mommy shoes, I will simply back out of his room and leave him to explore the world of adventures awaiting him.

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