Friday, November 6, 2009

The Last Hurdle

Wow, three posts in one day...can you tell that my son is having a play-date right now and that I'm procrastinating on doing the chores that I ought to be doing?!

More good news on the adoption front. 

Just moments ago, families of Imagine Adoption received an email from Imagine with the news that families are now to send in a signed retainer agreement (necessary because the agency we formerly signed with went bankrupt) and the first $2,000 of the additional funds we are required to pay as part of the restructuring process of our formerly-bankrupt agency.  Imagine must receive our signed retainers and fees by November 30th.  In order for Imagine to continue operations, it must receive 200 signed retainers along with 200 renewal fees.

Now comes the last nail-biting part of the process - waiting to see if sufficient numbers of families are willing to take another leap of faith and sign up with the new agency.  The next 24 days until November 30th will crawl by, I know it already.  Despite the anxiety, however, I simply cannot imagine that we won't have enough families willing to risk this take this final leap of faith; 348 families voted in favour of the restructuring plan and surely not as many as 148 of them have since decided to withdraw from the program.  Frankly, there are not that many viable adoption options open to Canadians any more - some certainly, but not as many as there used to be...and no other options currently for those wanting to adopt from Ethiopia.

Tomorrow, I will be off to our credit union to get a money order to send in, along with our retainer agreement.  So here goes, folks.  This is the last hurdle to overcome before the transition house can start to fill up again and the referrals can begin to flow. Let's get this thing done already!


  1. woot woot, here we go :)

    Depending on your credit union, maybe I'll run into you as I do the same thing tomorrow morning. Of course, I have no idea what you look like, so it won't help anything :)

  2. YESSS!!! I know, I'm so excited! I printed it out, and it's sitting here in front of me until my husband gets home. I'll meet him at the door with his pipe, slippers and a big ballpoint pen. (Well, at least the pen.)

    So exciting. I'm trying to be optimistic about it -- I sweated bullets about that proposal vote, and it went through in a landslide. Let's keep our chins up and stay optimistic about this part, too! Although... I admit I will sleep a lot better after Nov. 30. :)

    I'll email you about bloggy stuff.

  3. Come on 200 - that is my new favorite number!!!


  4. What a great start to the weekend! I have not a doubt in my mind that Nov.30 will be a success. Not a one.

    I am SO excited as we make our way towards to first referral since 'the day'.........whooohooo!!

  5. Thanks for sharing in the "200" detail. Didn't know that specific one...where did you get it? We CAN DO IT. Thank you for the post...for sharing your thoughts...for sharing your journey.
    Let's just take it one slow day at a time. (Ironically, I just posted a similar thought.)
    Won't the night of the 30 provide the best sleep in months?!