Monday, November 9, 2009

"Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy"

Here are two unrelated thoughts that I shall endeavour to link together in a moment:

1.  In my newness to blogging life, I have not yet attempted to post any pictures or videos to my blog...I'm still not sure that I have the technological prowess to do this.
2.  I have never watched an episode of Conan O'Brian (his hair is too distracting).
I am now about to link these two thoughts by suggesting that I make a foray into both unknown areas...all because I've come across this YouTube video recently and found it hilarious.

For those of us who need to learn how to keep things more in perspective, here's a little end-of-the-week video that will give you a chuckle!

P.S.  I'd offer a bit of a language warning for the video below - it's not my way of speaking but there are a couple of words/phrases to watch out for.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed that - I am also enjoying "Parks and Recreation", the show that actor is on...