Monday, November 23, 2009

A Hopeless Addiction

It's been a number of days since I've posted and I have been missing it desperately.  Unfortunately, last week Wednesday, my computer just rolled over and died on me.  I took it in for servicing the next morning and, well, I still don't have it back (I'm using my husband's computer at the moment, which he was kind enough to bring home from work).  I just found out this evening that there are three major problems with my system and that it is not worth fixing the computer. Yikes.  I had been planning on purchasing a new computer soon but had hoped to wait for boxing week sales...but now I'm not sure I'll be able to wait that long.  I've started investigating new computers and hope to have a decision finalized in the coming days.  In case anyone's interested, I'm almost certain that I'm going to buy my first Apple (am debating between the basic Macbook and the Macbook pro)...I keep hearing great things about the macs and am likely headed in that direction.

In the past five days, I have come to understand freshly how utterly dependent I am on the very technology that has me so frustrated at times.  Without my computer, I haven't had access to my emails, haven't been able to work on my writing, haven't been able to check up on the yahoo sites I'm part of, haven't been able to blog, haven't been able to do any internet searches, haven't been able to respond to my work colleagues or work on documents that clients are waiting for. I have discovered that my friendships and my work suffer when I don't have access to my email or to the internet.  It has been an awful experience, and one that is likely to continue for at least a few more days while I figure out what to do. 

I've been shocked at my reaction to being computer-less.  As the days have passed, I've become increasingly anxious about not being able to access my 'stuff;' am very irritable on the subject of my computer; have found myself wandering several times a day into my den, intending to do something at the computer, only to find myself staring at the empty desk; and have even caught myself pacing back and forth outside the office as if wondering what to do with myself.  It's really quite state of addiction.  I have been plunged mercilessly into withdrawal, and tonight's short term use of my husband's computer leaves me only somewhat placated.

I will do my best to continue to post and can hardly wait until I get things sorted out.  After that, though, look out - you'll probably start wishing that my new computer would die, just to get some peace and quiet from me!


  1. oh Ruth, I was thinking something must have gone horribly wrong... I was just getting used to those blog posts, and then bam, gone, never to be seen again (well at least for a few days:) )

    As for the mac, I'd say don't do it, but anyone I know love's theirs, so I'm sure it's just Microsoft being able to brainwash me into thinking their products are best...

    It is amazing how we've become so dependant on technology. For me it's my beloved blackberry. I've had it for 10 months, and I just can't imagine not getting emails instantaneously...

    Maybe your computer dying is the convenient way not to read posts about whether we will hit the 200 (although it seems those types of posts have mostly stopped), and will allow you to think of other things for the time being :)

    Great to have you back, sort of.

  2. HI Ruth,
    I just wanted to share my first emotion with you , so excited to comment I sped rest most of the post will have to go back and read slow , but yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    go for the apple !
    I am so hopeless with my computer and at the same time cant stay away ( my dog has not been out yet but here I am turning it on just to make sure I did not miss anything in the night )
    I have mac book pro. It has been the easiest thing to use ever I love it ( yes I just said that about my computer )
    I have had it over 2 years bought mac care, not much more and since I have it. The cats knocked it off the counter X 2 . I was still able to turn it on and it worked.
    One of my keys on the board came loose ( maybe from the cat sitting on it ) I walked into the apple store. They took it changed the keyboard and I had it back in my hands 3 hours later!
    The dvd drive went a few weeks ago , again I had it back in 4 hours.
    It has been the best experience I have had with service anywhere.

    I could go on and on ,
    love it worth every extra penny.
    Please email me , I will share everything else I have learned about my first apple as well

    Have a good morning
    Shannon skelly @ videotron,ca