Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking A Little Spin...

I can hardly believe that I'm about to write this, but we have snow on the ground.  Snow!   I typically associate Halloween or the week following with the beginning of the snowy season, so I'm not prepared for this yet - I'm not even sure if Matthew still fits his winter boots from last year.  Oh well.  I was out for dinner with a couple of girlfriends last night, enjoying some lovely Thai food, and we came out of the restaurant at the end of the evening to discover that we needed to brush our cars off because the snow had landed so thickly during our dinner.

One thing about the first snowfall, though, I have to say, is that it is utterly beautiful.  When we left the restaurant last night the flakes were huge and floaty, the best kind.  I was so entranced that, on the way home I spontaneously did something that I haven't done for many years:  I pulled into a large, almost-empty grocery store parking lot, turned up the music, and, after making sure that the lot was deserted of people, practised doing some 180s with the car. Though I wasn't as good at it as I used to be, and though the music wasn't as familiar as that which I used to listen to when whirling around a parking lot (my favourite music for this activity used to be Blue Rodeo's Fall in Line and I would sing - ok, scream - along at the top of my lungs), I actually accomplished a few good spins. When I left the parking lot four or five minutes later, I was laughing out loud at myself...I smiled all the way home, and danced and twirled my way up to get ready for bed.  I love those kinds of moments, when something spontaneous - even sillly - can make one feel happy and optimistic and carefree about life, even if just for a few instants.

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