Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Small Step for an Agency, One Giant Step Forward for Families

(Don't mind my word play on the man-on-the-moon just came to my brain)

Today all clients of Imagine Adoption received their first official email from the newly restructured and re-organized no-longer-bankrupt agency.  I can't tell you how good it was to receive an email with the subject line reading:  "Hello from Imagine Adoption."  Wow - though the days since the July 13th bankruptcy have crept by at an inordinately slow pace, it is truly remarkable that this email came from an organization that, just one month ago, was bankrupt.  It seems, too, based on this email, that the new agency is going to endeavour to maintain better communication with its clients by sending out regular updates and bits of information.  That is music to my ears!

The single best line of the lengthy email started like this:  "Once you have received your referral..."  WOW - talk about music ringing in my ears!  It actually sounds like it may happen.  Next step: waiting for the new contract that Geoff and I will sign and send back to them...along with the first half of the additional money that we will be injecting into the new organization.  I can't wait to do this and get things going again!


  1. YESSS!!! I'm so excited as well! We are starting to really believe that we'll be adopting. For a while, it felt like we were hanging on to something that was doomed to failure -- I wondered if we were just fooling ourselves. But it's looking like it might really happen! I've been looking at kids' books on Amazon again... that's a good sign. :D

    ps - my word verification is: sumrend... which sums up something I'm relieved about. I've never been happier for a sumr to end.

  2. Thanks Gwen -
    Yes, talk about appropriate, wanting summer of '09 to end - I couldn't agree with you more...despite the fact that the cold and snow are a-comin'.


  3. Oh Ladies
    I so agree !!!!!
    I spend that day and many to follow with this warm feeling all over and the words I kept saying to my self over and over
    "When you get a referral , When ....................................................
    It was a magic day that has kept me in a really good mood ever since.