Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Addendum About Halloween...

We actually had a lovely time trick-or-treating tonight.  We went to my sister's neighbourhood, where she had collected quite a number of neighbours and friends with their multi-aged children; children of like ages banded together and set off to collect their loot, supervising parents in tow.  The weather was pretty perfect; there were tons of crunchy leaves to walk on; and fun was had by all.  Geoff towed a wagon behind him, supposedly to collect the growing candy piles, but in reality for providing a resting place for Matthew and his cousin in the last half of the evening.  It was a pretty good deal for them - being carted from one house to the next while reclining on the wagon...only to hop off and run up the sidewalk to collect their next goody.

Matthew's treasure is now spread all over the kitchen table. When we came home, I made hot chocolate and, as in previous years Matthew had half an hour (actually closer to 45 minutes) to eat whatever treats his little heart desired.  Fortunately he is a very slow eater so 45 minutes doesn't actually go that far in terms of how much he was able to consume.  He seemed to go up to bed quite willingly, and I'm sure he's exhausted from the night air, the excitement, the running around and going to bed about 90 minutes later than usual.

I wonder if, next year, Matthew might be guiding two new siblings through the art of trick-or-treating. that's a nice thought to go to bed on.

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