Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Prayer of Thanksgiving.

Yesterday (September 21st) was a big day in the adoption world of many Canadian families...and certainly in our family!  The creditors of Imagine Adoption voted overwhelmingly in favour of the restructuring proposal put together by BDO Dunwoody! The final count was: 248 votes in favour; 20 votes against.  The restructuring plan will be formalized by the court on the morning of September 29, but the vote is binding on BDO to carry out the restructuring plan.  On October 01st, two months, two weeks and four days after we learned of the banktuptcy, operations of Imagine Adoption will resume!  On that date, we will have been waiting for a referral for seventeen months and eight days.

I had been expecting a positive result yesterday, truly.  So when I actually heard the news, I was surprised by how my emotions seemed to overtake me;  my insides crumbled together a little, as if finally able to relax and break apart in the exhaustion of holding things together, and I simply couldn't stop my eyes from filling up and spilling over.  For about twenty minutes I just allowed myself to cry, and breathe, and utter prayers of thanksgiving.  It seems like we can now truly and officially dare to hope that our dreams of adopting siblings for Matthew might come true.  What a miracle that will be!

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