Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Next Quarter of Me

My list, continued:

26. I can’t sew…at all. The only things I have ever sewed were a pair of bagged out sweats that were about three sizes bigger than me (maybe I was planning for the future) and a peasant skirt and blouse combination that made me look like someone born in the 1930s (which, incidentally, I wasn’t). My mother is embarrassed that I send my husband's shirts to the drycleaners to have a button sewed back on; of course, this is the woman who still darns my father's socks when they begin sporting holes.

27. I love going out to eat…I’m a bit of a foodie and love trying out new restaurants (much to the chagrin of the budget). My most recent mealtime destination is a little French restaurant not too far away;  a close second is a little Bistro, even closer to home!

28. Christmas, including the lead-up to it, is my favourite time of year. I love the gift- buying, cookie-baking, tree-decorating, family-gathering, twinkle-light-hanging, cider-steaming parts of it. I also love the carol-singing, soul-filling, church-going, Christ-celebrating, Baby-Jesus-in-the-Manger-Children’s-programming, bible-reading parts of it, and remembering why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

29. I don’t like Halloween.

30. The first time I highlighted my hair was when I was forty years old. The job was so poorly done that my sister’s stylist had to go in an fix it – at huge expense. She has since become my permanent stylist and highlighter.

31. I really hate cleaning my house, other than vacuuming – for some reason, I don’t mind vacuuming or even, heaven forbid, washing my kitchen floor. But dusting and bathroom duty? They’re the worst of the bunch.

32. I am home educating my son this year.

33. I occasionally long to be a crafty person (like my friends who scrapbook and chronicle their family’s every waking moment or other friends who knit like demons) but I’m just not…beyond drawing and painting with my kid(s) for fun.

34. My photos are terribly disorganized and, being stored on my computer, most have never seen the inside of a picture frame…or even a shoebox.

35. I am an optimist…most of the time. My husband is not, particularly…but that’s his list to write.

36. I’m not a huge fan of kids’ birthday parties – particularly the work and expense that seems to go hand-in-hand with these events. I am determined to change this approach in our family.

37. I was always a good student with great marks, except in tax law – I got a “D.” Fifteen years later, it still humiliates me to write that.

38. I love animals…particularly dogs and cats, but horses too.

39. When I see a dead animal on the side of the highway, I pray about it – thanking God for creating that little life. I feel like I need to do something to mark that it existed.

40. It usually happens that just when I’m starting to feel ok about myself, something happens to bring me back down to earth.

41. My favourite food on earth, the one thing I probably couldn’t do without, is chocolate.

42. I take very quick showers…primarily because I don’t know what havoc will be created by my five-year-old while I’m in there.

43. About every six months for the past decade, I pluck one dark hair from my upper lip region. Not even Geoff knows that…until now.

44. I prefer loading to emptying the dishwasher. Note: I stole this item almost verbatim from the list of the same blogging friend who gave me this nutty “101 things” idea in the first place – I mean, who really wants to know 101 things about me??!

45. I enjoy cooking and baking. I don’t know which I’m better/worse at. My family could probably tell you.

46. My favourite colour tends to change from day to day. Today it is pink. Yesterday it was stem green. A lot of days it’s navy blue.

47. I occasionally have my eyebrows waxed and I should really do this more often – but it really annoys me that within a week or two of having it done they need it already.

48. During my second year of law school, I sort of gave up on studying for a while and I cross-stitched my way through about three months of it. Maybe that’s why I got a “D” in tax law.

49. I have an older brother and a younger sister.

50. I wear contact lenses. I also have glasses but you’ll know I’m having a bad day if you see me wearing them. I can’t stand the way they make my nose feel greasy.

To be continued.  This is fun - for me, anyway!

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