Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fruit-a-holics Anonymous

Yesterday, Friday, I had my niece here for the day.  Madeline is five, only a month older than her cousin, Matthew; and they get along great.  For months now, whenever we've had Madeline here for the day, she and Matthew have begged me for a special treat, similar to something I let them enjoy this past spring:  a chocolate fondue.  Yesterday was the day.  Following their afternoon quiet time, I prepared an admittedly-incredible fruit fondue for them.  I also enjoyed bits and pieces of it, but what astounded me was the volume of food that my son and niece consumed, between them:  four bananas; three huge puple plums; three large (adult-sized) handfuls of green grapes; and eighteen huge strawberries. 

Thankfully I had the foresight to have them take their shirts off before indulging in their chocolate heaven; when they were finished, they had chocolate on each of their ten fingers, on their arms all the way up to their elbows (I'm not sure how Madeline managed to get it as far up as one armpit but she did), and their faces looked like they might have been Ethiopian-born.  It was great to see their child-like enjoyment (bliss might be a better descriptor!) of a simple treat and to hear their groans of pleasure while they indulged their taste buds.  I need to keep this in mind for days when I think Matthew needs to beef up his fruit quotient for the week!

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