Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First 25 of 101 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Me...

A day or two ago, I was reading the blog of someone (thanks Gwen!) whose writing I follow and she recorded 101 things about herself.  When I saw it, I was intrigued because I didn't know if I knew that many things about myself.  I therefore decided to challenge myself to come up with as many things about myself.  Here are the first 25 of them:

1. I am 43 years old and I am ok with being in my forties.

2. I am married to Geoff, who is 46 years of age.

3. We have one child, Matthew, who is five years old.

4. We hope to adopt siblings from Ethiopia.

5. I love all of #2-4 very much – they mean the world to me.

6. Many who know me suggest that one of my predominant characteristics is stubbornness…though I prefer the word determined.

7. I could stand to lose a fair bit of weight and most of my historical efforts in this department have failed.

8. I did way too much education after high school and it was mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted to do if/when I grew up.

9. I love God.

10. …most of the time.

11. I played three musical instruments when I was younger (piano, cello, and flute…oh, and piccolo, so I guess that’s four) and I accompanied choirs until I was in my early twenties.  Now I just play piano, and only for my own pleasure.

12. I have been blessed with great friends – near and far.

13. It’s a common illusion about me that I am an organized person; I’m really not…I struggle with this all of the time. To be frank, I have a tendency to toss at least one pile of stacked papers into a dark closet before company comes.

14. I love most kinds of music: pop; classical; worship; live jazz and sometimes recorded jazz; sometimes, though I rarely admit it, even modern country (like Keith Urban or Lady Antebellum).

15. I do not like sushi – especially of the raw variety. I hate the taste of wasabi and, though I’ve heard that this is a taste that can be acquired, I have no desire to acquire it.

16. Same goes for beer.

17. I have, however, acquired a taste for a very occasional shot of chassis liqueur mixed with white wine.

18. I’m a book geek. I love to read and, in addition to reading a lot, I am proud to be part of a book club full of wonderful people who also love to read.

19. I am an insomniac…which, interestingly, corresponds well with #18.

20. Rather to my embarrassment, I love going into stores like Staples or Office Depot, or a stationary store…because I love to look at and touch paper and need to buy lots of pens.

21. Once only in my life have I attempted smoking…a cigar. After one puff I choked and gagged. That was the first and last time for me.

22. I love certain smells: salty air at the ocean; the freshness of the air walking out the doors at the Vancouver airport; freshly cut grass; chanel no.5; campfire smoke (though not the next day when my closet smells of it); oven-browned cheese gratin.

23. I adore going to movies – yes, romantic comedies in particular.

24. I think my favourite movie is Pride & Prejudice – either the BBC version or the Keira Knightly version…probably the Keira Knightly version by an edge, because of the proposal scene in the rain and because of the scene near the end where Matthew Macfayden walks through the morning mists after a sleepless night thinking about his Lizzie. Sigh. I may need to watch that again tonight.

25. I also have a particular penchant for movies like Bend It Like Beckham.

Well, that's it for tonight - now you know about a quarter of what there is to know about me.  More tomorrow...or another day when I get around to it.

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  1. Hey! That's me! I feel like a celebrity!

    I like your #20, re; office supply stores. I always feel that if I spend a mere $24.99 on that Mom Daytimer, and another $8.99 on the matching pen, my life will magically be orderly and peaceful. Then I will be able to write long, affectionate letters to my sister on some fancy stationary (on sale! only $14.99!) in the manner of a Jane Austen heroine. It hasn't worked so far, but I am holding on to hope...