Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2.5 Hours

It's amazing how just 2.5 hours of time can make a difference.  This afternoon, all three kids went to gym class and I had an hour basically to myself...well, I visited with a couple of other moms, but that's also pretty nice!

Then, tonight, all three kids started a Wednesday evening church program and Geoff and I had 1.5 hours to ourselves.  I think our faces lit up a little when we realized that we actually had a mini date night opportunity.  After dropping the kids off, we took ourselves out for one of my favourite dinners out (an amazing Thai chicken salad) and we just sat and talked...mostly about non-kid stuff.  It really was lovely.

It was a relief, too, because today was another rough day.  My boys made some pretty interesting choices today:  picking through (and, apparently accidentally, dumping onto the floor) the kitchen garbage can and handling the leftover raw chicken packages from last night's dinner that I'd buried into the garbage container; wrestling each other to the point of pain, even after I asked them a few times to stop, and resulting in Matthew's glasses being stomped on and getting bent to the point where we'll need to make a trip downtown to get them repaired; Seth telling me that he had cleaned up the frisbees and hockey sticks and skipping ropes from the front yard when, in fact, he had not and they were, in fact, strewn all over the street in front of the house (he later admitted he hadn't told the truth because he was cold and wanted to come in); and, in a culminating act, throwing stones (a big no-no in our house) at the house windows and breaking a kitchen window.  There were multiple other incidences that also challenged my patience, but these were the ones that really tested me today.  The good news is that the boys really got along well today and spent lots of time playing in harmony; the bad news is that the boys really got along well today and spent lots of time creating havoc in harmony.

Thus, I really, really enjoyed, the bit of time with Geoff tonight.  We really don't get many opportunities to be out together (without the kids) and it's nice to know that when we do, we still have lots to talk about and things to enjoy about the other.  It also provided me with a little time to process the events of the day and gain a little perspective.  All around, those 2.5 hours were so helpful today.

I was thrilled that the kids enjoyed their evening.  Geoff and I are secretly hoping that things continue to go well because it just might mean that we have a regular date-night opportunity on Wednesdays.  I could get used to that!


  1. Oh boy. You did well to find a bright side to your boys' interactions today - I would not be so gracious (even in writing, on my blog). One of mine confessed tonight that a while ago he broke into a curio cabinet housing various wedding memorabilia (including 13 year-old flowers - read: extremely fragile), and took corsage pins, which he used to poke various things here and there. This likely occurred during rest time - and I recall finding the curio door ajar a number of weeks ago and knowing one of the boys had tampered with it. Now the culprit claims he doesn't remember where the pins are, which may or may not be true. Anyway, just one example of what goes on - and why I relate to your post today :)

  2. You certainly CAN relate, Joy. I tell you, there's something about boys...

    ...enough said. Let's hope our boys have worked it out of their systems and that tomorrow is a better day!



  3. I am sooo excited for you and your regular date nights. We were able to do that last year and it was soooo good. Hopefully we will be able to do so again soon.

  4. Wow! That was quite a day! I bet those hours felt extra special because of what the day was like.
    I sometimes wonder whether I can still talk about anything BUT my 2 little darlings and I've only been on parental leave since #2 arrived almost 2 months ago.
    If you need a laugh, my 8 year old (for personality, think cross between Seth and Matthew, but mostly Seth) came running into my bedroom at 6:15 this morning having gone in to get 2 year old brother our of his crib. He arrived in little brother's bedroom to discover his diaper half off and little boy parts sticking out - having of course done some business since arriving in this position. At least I know that he did it this morning because he was fully covered when I checked on him before I went to bed last night.
    Now you have made me worried a bit. My big boy (8, domestic, 2.5 years ago) parallels A LOT of Seth, so please tell me that I won't have broken windows soon...
    Here's to hoping to a day where your boys are a little bit more "constructive"!

  5. Eileen, I hope so for you, too!!!!

    Ellen, yeah, all I can say is good luck! I realized this morning as I was thinking about yesterday that I need to simply adjust to days like this 'cause it ain't gonna get any better. I don't think they do this stuff out of ill intent - it's just that they're having fun in the moment and don't think any harm will come of this stuff. My only hope is that as they get a little older they'll be able to think a little in advance as to what might possibly happen if they choose to throw rocks at a window, for example.

    Granted I have only three kids to judge this by, but I'm just so floored that my boys and my girl are SOOOO different. All of those sterotypes of what the genders are like seem to apply in specific to my kids. Especially to Seth. Sigh - I'm doomed...and I'm afraid you're in for some of the same, Ellen!!

    Thanks for the comments guys!