Saturday, June 11, 2016

Heavens be Praised...Housebreaking the Puppy is Starting to Work

That title is really all I have to say!

Finn hasn't had too many indoor accidents because we've been pretty vigilant in watching her signals. But yesterday evening, for the first time, she scratched at the door to be let out - we immediately let her out and she went and did her business and came back inside.

"Hallelujah!!" I shouted.  "It has begun!"

Then this morning, just now, she was starting to sniff around the kitchen floor...her usual tell-tale sign that something is about to happen.  Rather than scooping her up and racing outside with her, I said to her, "Finn, pee outside."  (She knows what "pee" and "outside" mean.)  I walked to the back door, as she raced by me, and the second she got outside she peed and raced back in for her treat.

Clever girl...I think the wheels might just be clicking into place.  She's 3.5 months old...a little younger than when things began to click with Charlie last year...and I'm both glad and relieved (pardon the pun).  Havanese (like many small breeds) are known to be a little on the slow side when it comes to being housetrained...this is on the early side for a Havanese pup...and we'll happily take it!

So, really...

Heavens be praised...having a second dog is about to become a whole lot easier.

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