Thursday, January 30, 2014

Full of Beans

Is it wrong to laugh at my children's antics right now?

We got home a few minutes ago from swimming lessons and I'm prepping dinner.  I just ran upstairs to grab my computer so that I could check my email while making dinner and while the kids were playing.  But when I got back to the kitchen it was to shrieks of laughter filling the room.  The kids have commandeered the kitchen towel from the sink area and they are taking turns kneeling on the towel while a sibling pulls them around the island.  They are crashing into walls, taking down the recycle bin repeatedly, and falling all over each other...howling with laughter.  Every once in a while one kid jumps a sibling and takes him/her to the ground and there ensues a thirty second battle to the death.  I think Lizzie has won at least a couple of these rounds.

I don't think I can continue with dinner prep for the next few minutes because I might get trampled.

I also think they might need a referee...with a whistle.

Maybe I need to restore a little order, a little discipline.

Or not.  In my new, more relaxed state of being, I'm thinking that dinner can just wait for a while.

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