Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitchen Aid

The kids all love to help me in the kitchen, even with menial tasks.  I'm asked every day (usually multiple times by multiple kids) if they can help me.  Sometimes I'm in too much of a hurry to incorporate their help, but whenever I can I involve a child as my helper.  I figure it's all part of life learning and so, even though their 'help' often slows me down, I make a deliberate effort to have a child help as often as possible.
Here's Lizzie last week, helping me make chicken salad sandwiches.  She loves this kind of helping...and, of course, sampling the goods!


  1. I just left a comment and then clicked too fast I think so if it appears twice I'll try to delete it.

    Congratulations on developing the "helper spirit" in your kids. My daughter used to like by rinsing the dishes before the dishwasher. Then there was enough water on the floor that I could swish a dish towel over it and call it mopped! Oh, yes, I did.

  2. Wow! Lizzie's hair has grown so long!

    I had the parent of one of my students tell me yesterday that she got her daughter hooked on reading by buying her cookbooks. And now in class I have a tough time getting her to put her book down (and it's not just cookbooks now). So, I think the kitchen is a great place to learn the "helping spirit" but also much more.