Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Been A Cold Spring Until Recently...

...but you wouldn't know it by my kids' desire to be outside.  They've been having a blast for the entire month of April despite the colder-than-usual temperatures and despite the snow that has continued to linger on yards and streets.  Here are just a few snaps from the month of April.

We've done a number of these kinds of walks:  I walk; and the kids fly ahead of me through the puddles on their scooters.

On one of the first days that it actually crept a few degrees above freezing (and I do mean by just a few measly degrees...it was not warm), the kids immediately thought it was summer time (shows you how desperate we've been for just a little bit of warmth).  Jackets were peeled off (and in the boys' cases, the boots were discarded!); beach chairs and foot rests were brought out; word search books and water bottles were brought out; and snacks were consumed outside.  In these pictures, Seth's still in his pajama bottoms!  They stayed here eating fruit in their shirt sleeves for over an hour...happy as clams with snow all around.

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