Friday, November 23, 2012

Still Riding their Bikes

The boys are still crazy about bike-riding.  This week, after shovelling snow and scraping ice to clear the driveway, they hauled out their bikes and, to the amusement of our neighbours, went careening around the driveway on their wheels.  Then they set up a ramp in the snow piles and practiced riding and scootering down the ramp into the snow.  I would have taken pictures...but I was busy staying warm inside like a normal person.

They asked me this week how old they were when they started to ride their bikes without training wheels.  I dug up the pictures of both of them and we realized that both boys were approximately the same age (albeit a year apart) when they ditched the training wheels. Matthew was six years and just over one month old; Seth was six years and just under one month old.  They (and I) thought this was rather cool.

Here were their moments of glory!

Matthew in April of 2010:

And Seth, in August of 2011:

Crazy kids!

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