Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joint Birthday Party.

Lizzie's and Seth's birthdays are just five days apart, and they wanted to invite the same friends to their birthday parties and do exactly the same activity!  So...we decided that they would have a joint friend birthday party this year.  That party was today.

It was a good decision - they loved sharing the day together.  We picked a date mid-way between their two actual birthdays, and invited a number of friends over.  Seth and Lizzie really wanted to go with their friends to a small fair nearby, and so that's what we did.  It was a stinking hot day (40 degrees celsius!) and I ended up with a little heat stroke...but whatever, it was fun.  We came back to the house later for supper, cake, and some play time.

Though the kids were fine sharing a party, they did differ on a couple of important points.  First, whereas Seth wanted the decorations to reflect a Lightning McQueen theme, Lizzie was determined to have a Minnie Mouse theme.  Can you tell that we were at DisneyLand last Christmas?? was easy enough to accommodate both requests so we decorated a bit with both themes in mind.

They also wanted different things to eat.  Seth wanted hot dogs and chips, while Lizzie wanted pepperoni pizza.  So we did both, and served up the root beer pop that was a huge treat for both of them.

In the end I think all of the kids had a great time, and I can be glad that birthday parties are over for another year!!

S&L with their cousin, on one of the rides.

(Left and Below)
Seth got sick after his second go-round on the spinning apple ride...looking a little green around the gills on the left, and can you see below what came out of his mouth? Yes, he vomited!

Moments later, Seth was back to his usual self.

Matthew had a great time, too.

Waiting for their second time on the bumper cars.

Despite the blistering heat, the kids had a great time for almost three hours.  Here they are at the end, slightly wilted and sweaty, but still ready to be goofy.

Then back to the house for some food.  We decorated the table in both Lightning McQueen and Minnie Mouse themes.

The 'cake' was actually cupcakes...also decorated in the dual theme.  Kinda adorable, I think!


The kids were exhausted by the time their friends left, but I think it'll be a while before they forget their special day.

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