Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breathing a Little Faster Right Now

So, as you know, in early June, Geoff and I changed our child request to be open to a referral of either siblings or a single child.  Just a few weeks before we did this, another family (which had been waiting a wee bit longer than us for a sibling referral) also changed their child request so that they, too, were open to a referral of either siblings or a single child.

Well, guess what?  They just got their referral of a little girl yesterday!  Meaning that it took about three months from the time of changing their request to receiving their referral.

Did I neglect to mention that we've been waiting now for two months, two weeks and two days since changing our child request?

To quote a friend who just emailed me...we're freaking out a little around here now.

Breathe, Ruth, don't forget to breathe.


  1. Ok maybe breathing is too much to ask of your body at this point !!!!!!!!

    Ok I guess you will have to breath a little bit but what if you just celebrate this crazy freaking out feeling do not fight it and run with it ......

    Go crazy for a bit as your turn is coming and I can not wait.

    So excited

    ps of course thought of you first when I saw the exciting news on the board
    It will be a hard day and weekend , ok so I guess you will have to breath at some point.

  2. :-)

    Hope is such a heady emotion isn't it? Breathing is good ;-)

  3. I am so excited for you!!!! Any day now!!!


  4. Breathing is good... so is being excited, anxious, unsettled and everything else you can imagine. I have everything crossed for you guys! A

  5. I'm sure you will be next to share this amazing news.

  6. You"re in labour! Hope you have a good birthing coach! When it's time to will be pushing the talk button on your phone....and screaming for your dream becomes a reality!

    waiting with you!

  7. Oh my gosh Ruth, you are so close! When I read about the referral this afternoon I thought about you and wondered how you are doing. :) SOOOOO CLOSE!

  8. I am already crying of happiness for you .....and its only 8am in the morning! I can't wait to hear your news!!!!

  9. Thanks everyone!!! I can hardly wait!!!! All I can say right now is: "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"


  10. Did you see? Did you see? A sib referral today!!!!!

    You are so close, I can't breathe either!!!!



  11. I sent you a personal email this afternoon - hope it came through. A

  12. Ruth, I check your blog often to find out when you receive your referral. The years of waiting take their toll. I have hope and excitement for you...probably because my five year old wait for a niece will end Tuesday morning when my brother and sister in law meet her and hold her for the first time. I will be an auntie for a child we have waited for for half a decade. The five year pregnancy--twice as long as an elephant, my bro says. The day that seemed it would never come for us, is coming next week. Praying your day will come very, very soon.

  13. Thank you all for your hope and optimism and excitement on our behalf. It's very if I needed any more!!