Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Baby.

Both younger kids love thinking of themselves as Mommy's baby, and they vie for title to this position (even between themselves when they don't know I'm listening):

Lizzie (while in my arms):  "Lizzie Mommy's baby?"

Me:  "Yes, Lizzie bean, you are Mommy's baby."

Lizzie:  "Yes!!  Lizzie Mommy's baby.  (pause)  Seth no Mommy's no no.  Lizzie Mommy's baby, no Seth Asrat."

(heard from another room, Seth's voice yelling at Lizzie):  "NO Lizzie - Lizzie no Mommy's baby...Seth Mommy's baby!  Enough!!"

With that, the competition begins again.  I just laugh...glad that, now that Matthew has relinquished the title, someone still wants to be the baby in the family.


  1. It's such a confusing time for them. Hang in there Ruth, and try to take some time for yourself. You are adjusting too.

  2. Hey Dana -
    I modified my post a little after I read your comment (thank you!) and realize that the original wording left it sounding like this was a concern for me. It's not...thankfully, I think of this little interchange between Seth and Lizzie as funny.

    But I also take to heart the encouragement to take time for myself - it helps me get through some of the hardest stuff.

    Thanks Dana!



  3. Cuty patooty :) That's a nice "problem" to have.

  4. So funny. This sounds exactly like the exchange that we hear between T & C - usually as they are fighting over who sits on my lap. Tesfanesh has decided that we are no longer to call her by her first name and it is "only Baby".