Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"More Beans Plez."

Yesterday, I asked Seth if he liked living in Canada.  His answer was a resounding "yes!"  Whew, I thought with relief.  Then he appeared to be rethinking his answer and eventually said "medium, live Canada."  Crap, I thought.   I said, "oh, it's actually only medium, living in Canada?" and he said "yes."  I asked him why he changed his mind and why it was 'only' medium, thinking he'd say something profound.  His answer?  "Beans.  Miss beans. Want more beans plez (please)."

Oh I laughed!  I asked "so if you had more beans to eat in Canada, life in Canada would be really, really good?"  "Yes," was his emphatic response.  I asked it another way, to be sure:  "So if more beans, would you like Canada a little bit, or a lot?"  "Lots a lots a lots," he responded, stretching his arms wide like I do when I tell him I love him lots and lots.

I guess that explains why, when I serve beans (be they tinned brown in tomato sauce, black, in soup, or whatever other form), he always finishes helping #1 and says, "more beans plez."

OK, more beans it is.  That I can do something about!


  1. Oh my goodness, that made me laugh! what a sweet boy you have! :)

  2. Who would have ever thought that beans could be the difference between "like" and "love"? Hehe.

  3. If only everything was that easy! So funny......:)

  4. That is awesome :)

    I LOVE bean salad. So quick and easy. Oh and you will probably find that he loves roasted chickpeas too. Another healthy easy treat, especially for taking on the road. :)

  5. So sweet Ruth- you made me smile :)
    What a sincere little fellow you have over there!