Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Start of a New Day.

Today is going to be a better day.  I think.  As I get ready for face off on day #9 of our family united, I'm determined that the sun will shine a little brighter, notwithstanding the forecast of lightning storms.

It must be that I got a better sleep last night...even sleeping on a bare mattress.  Yesterday afternoon, the sheets on our bed were soiled by a young napper, and I forgot to put the mattress protector and sheets into the dryer after getting through the washing machine.  By the time I realized this, I was ready to fall over from exhaustion so I looked at our naked bed, shrugged my shoulders, and climbed in.  The blanket felt just as good.  This morning looks a little brighter so maybe I'll get the sheets on today.

I experienced another first this week - well, there have been so many firsts that I can't possibly relate them all, but this was personal first that was a little embarrassing for me.  On Wednesday, all five of us headed out for our first little family outing, to the cat kennel, to pick up our long-suffering cat.  We didn't know how the meeting of child and feline would go, so Geoff and the younger two kids waited in the van while Matthew and I headed into the kennel office to get Frodo.  We spent about twenty minutes in there:  cuddling Frodo; settling our bill; getting our things together; and chatting with the lovely young woman who was on staff there.  Finally we headed out to the car and got settled again (the younger kids shrieked in terror, by the way, when they saw that I had a "meow" in the cat carrier).  I buckled up and, as I was pulling the seat belt over my lap, I noticed a fabric label on the side of my shirt.  I reached down to pick it off and toss it into the garbage, only to realize that it was still attached.  In my state of mindlessness that morning, I'd put my shirt on inside out!  All of the sizing and how-to-wash labels were on the outside, the collar of the shirt was stuck awkwardly halfway in and halfway out of my neckline, and there was interfacing fabric on the top outside third of my body.  Just as sadly, Geoff hadn't even noticed!  I was horrified!  What must that kennel staffer have thought, as we stood there and talked cats? She must be having a good chuckle now, I thought, idiot woman who can't even dress herself.

Well, I guess I'm glad that we hadn't gone to any other public places where I could have further humiliated myself.  I decided then that, no matter how late we might be in getting ready to go somewhere in the future, I would always take just that extra second to look into the mirror (which, by the way, would also have pointed out to me that I very obviously hadn't even combed my hair before leaving the house that day...and it was bad!).  Maybe I'll even hold to that principle when we have nowhere to go.  After all, if mommy can't even dress herself properly, what hope can she ever have that her children will?

So, this morning, as I get dressed for the day that I'm determined will be a better one, I'm going to take a good, long look at myself in the mirror.  At a bare minimum, I'm going to check that my hair is combed and that I'm wearing clothes underwear on the head, or some such thing.  And then I'm going to keep looking at myself in the mirror and echo that age-old line from the story I read to the kids just yesterday:  "I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I know I can.  I know I can.  I know I can."

PS.  I know that people must be wanting to see more pictures, but I can't find my computer-camera connector;  maybe it's still packed somewhere.  I'll get some photos up soon...I've seen that cable lying around somewhere, just can't remember where!


  1. i have taken to carrying a toothbrush in my purse. the kids teeth ALWAYS get brushed... but often when I go through my mental checklist in the car on route to something, i realize that MY teeth didn't get the same treatment.


  2. Praying for each of you can absolutely do ALL things thru Him. Love ya

  3. Ruth, you're doing great! I didn't even blog for ages, because I couldn't think of anything positive to say and just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. And here you are, able to put together a coherent blog post and even have a bit of a laugh. You DEFINITELY can, you DEFINITELY can! :)

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Just a quick note to say I finally got a few moments to catch up on your lives today, and I was so touched by all your thoughtful blog posts. Tears were shooting from my eyes at every turn! Each of you is going through such an immense transitional time, and we're thinking of you all and sending out our love. We're looking forward to meeting up with you at some homeschooling events in the fall... had a nice chat with Donna at the Farm outing on Thursday. Missed seeing you folks and imagine that you'll be flying under the radar for a while, until things feel more settled. Until then, I'll keep reading and thinking of you all. You are all troopers!
    Love, Tammy (for Dave, Addie and Bennie)

  5. I admire your positivity Ruth. Thanks for the chuckle and hope today goes well for your family.

    What do the kids think of the cat now?

  6. It is amazing how much a little thing like doing my hair makes me feel better! Look good, feel good is not a bad place to start each day! A

  7. May that be the greatest 'embarrassment' you ever experience my dear friend! Oh, how hilarious (sorry to find your mortification funny)!! Btw, I have many much more embarrassing stories in my memory's humiliation folder.

  8. Ruth, you crack me up. Your honesty is life chicken soup for my soul. Today was the first day I wore makeup since we picked up Addis. I FINALLY put in some effort into my appearance. It's hard to parent (something I'm finding our very quickly) but no matter how bad yesterday was, today is a new day. BTW, I have done something just as embarrasing only I didn't have sleep deprivation to blame. I have (this has happened more then once) gone out wearing a new shirt and forgot to take off the tape strip they put on that indicates the size. You know the one. It runs from top to bottom repeating the size every few centimeters. I usually notice after I have already been out for hours. Have heart my friend, you most definitely can.