Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dental Surgery Update...

...I just heard from Geoff and Seth's dental surgery went very well.  The surgery was about one hour, forty minutes long, and they got everything done.  A unexpected blessing was that one of the nurses in the operating room is herself an adoptive parent from Ethiopia - she brought her son home four years ago.  As a result of her being there, the surgeon also examined Seth's teeth for age, and indicated to Geoff that she believes that the age we were given for him is accurate...that in itself feels like a blessing, because it's hard to know for sure otherwise (and bone density testing is not considered an accurate test for aging children in these types of situations).

Anyway, Seth is still unconscious but Geoff will be with him when he wakes up and they will be together in recovery for about an hour, after which my Mom will kindly drive them home in our van so that Geoff can sit with Seth in the back (I didn't want to leave Lizzie with anyone yet, so the two kids and I stayed at home together this morning while Geoff and Seth went to the operating clinic).

Now I'm praying that Seth's dreams were pleasant, and that his recovery will be fast and easy.  I'm so very thankful that he was able to have this surgery.  Had he stayed in Ethiopia, his poor teeth would have continued to rot, and fall out, and cause him pain because he would not have had access to dental care.  As of today, that's all done with!!

I have so much going on in my brain that I want to post about...just trying to find time to get it all down.

Blessings all, and thanks so much for all of the ongoing support and encouragement!!!



  1. Glad to hear that everything is well with Seth A. Poor guy!
    I hope his recovery is quick!


  2. Hi Ruth, just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful blog, I'm Shannon's sister who will be travelling with her (hopefully very soon) and your blog has been such an honest and insightful look into what life is like through this whole process. Your writing is incredible and I'm so thankful you find the time to put your thoughts down. It is really helping me to prepare in some way for what I am going to see and experience, and to understand what Shannon will go through as well. Thank you so much and please keep writing! Your family is beautiful and I'm sending you lots of good vibes for Seth's recovery after this dental surgery and for all of the rest of you as well.


  3. Hi Ruth,

    I am Chad's cousin and really appreciate following your blog. You provide great insight. Wishing Seth a speedy recovery!! Happy Canada Day to you and your family, especially to Seth and Lizzie.


  4. HI Ruth ,
    SO glad to hear the day is behind you and yes to dental care !
    And thanks to Ann for pointing out what I would have missed Happy Canada Day to our 2 new arrivals so glad to know they are here and home with you.