Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Very Last Wait Has Begun!

Well, it's official.  All of our documents have been collected and translated, and they were sent off today to Nairobi, Kenya, where the office of the Canadian High Commission is located.  There, our kids' visas will be processed in the coming is the only remaining obstacle to our flying to Ethiopia to pick up our kids.  The times for visa processing varies considerably, but I'm guessing that it will be anywhere from six to twelve weeks from now.  Six weeks is a pretty optimistic scenario these days (though just a few months ago, they were being issued even faster than this), but would mean a visa issue date of approximately June 03rd; twelve weeks would put it off to mid July.  Clearly, we'd prefer the six week process, but we know that there are families who are currently at the 9-10 week point in their wait.

Only one more wait.  After all of these years of waiting, it seems too good to be real.  But it is true - we're in the homestretch now.

We're coming kids!!!!!!!


  1. Ruth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could not have read better news
    So trilled for you all.
    I look forward to sharing the LAST stretch of your wait.
    Another night that calls for a celebration , Mama of three !!!!!

  2. Such great news, Ruth!!! Had to hop on over here and congratulate you again!!!!

    I really hope that you will have a super short wait!

    You are on the home stretch!!!!!


  3. Yay! I hope that your last wait will be short!

  4. Yay, only one more wait and you are on your way to bringing your children home. Praying for a speedy visa..

  5. Congrats, Ruth. I wish we were at this stage together, too. Hopefully we're right behind you!