Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you

Just wanted to say a huge thank for you for all of the outpouring of support over the past week, and particularly since our court appearance yesterday.  Your support has been very comforting.

It's now past 8:30pm on Sat night and we have done nothing all day.  I just got out of my jammies about three-quarters of an hour ago to go downstairs to meet the pizza delivery guy and say good-bye to one of the Imagine families we met and enjoyed this week (not on the yahoo forum).  Geoff continues to be sick and has spent all but ten minutes today in bed or in the bathroom.  Kinda smells disgusting in here, too!  Sorry...tmi.  We close the windows at night, too (reducing air flow), because there are definitely night-time mosquitos...the good thing about them, though, is that they're big and slow and much louder than at home...thus easier to kill!  Last night, I spent what felt like a long time in the middle of the night trying to guard myself from a loud but invisible-in-the-dark mosquito.

Anyway, I digress.  Because Geoff's sick, we've kinda decided not to take any full-day trips out of town. If he's feeling better tomorrow afternoon, we'll do a bit more shopping (I want to find a bit of silver yet, and some smaller hats than the ones I've purchased, now that I've seen how tiny the kids are) and then go to Intoto Mountain on Monday.

Claire, in answer to your question, we're not sure what made Geoff so sick, but there have been at least three Imagine folks at our lodge who've been really sick this week.  Geoff and I have been extremely careful about what we eat and drink (no fruits without peel; cooked veggies only; meat well cooked and hot; only bottled water, even for teeth brushing; etc), so we're not sure.  Ironically, it's usually Geoff who has the iron stomach and not me...but so far, I'm fine.  Re: germs, I brought nowex cloths to wipe the room down on the first day, but not since then because the staff really do an amazing job of cleaning (almost to the annoyance level - they organized my clothes and even folded my dirty underwear!!  Note to others staying here....don't leave dirty laundry in a pile at the bottom of the closet...put it in a laundry bag!).  When we wash our hands (even in the hotel room) we use antibacterial soap and then use a hand sanitizer right afterwards.  And we've carried unscented baby wipes (and hand sanitizer) with us wherever we go, for hand-cleaning purposes and in case we have an emergency bathroom need.  It hasn't been too bad, really - just have to be conscious of it.

I can't recall if there are other questions people have asked, and today I have not been able to access comments that I have already published; it's a bit odd what one can/cannot access on line from Addis.

Again, I have digressed again.  I just wanted to thank you for all of the supportive comments and emails.  They have truly helped, and I am grateful!

Blessings, and hugs.  xx


  1. Thinking of you, praying for you and disappointed about court. But continued blessings and health (especially for Geoff!)as you absorb some more of Ethiopia. May you still find joy as you are there.

  2. Ruth, I am sorry that you didn't pass court. I really do feel that this issue will be fixed quickly and you will pass. I know that doesn't take the pain away that you cant see the kids again or see them open thier gifts. I hope Geoff feels better and you can enjoy the last couple days you have in Addis.

  3. Ruth and Geoff,

    Kendra says it all so well. Enjoy your time getting to know their birthplace as you'll be able to share your experiences with them in the future.

  4. Oh my gosh, they folded your dirty undies? Ha ha ha! I'd be mortified!!! That's too funny!

    I've been cutting and pasting your blog into emails for my hubby and Mom to read and they have been enjoying your account of what you have seen. I think it is the first thing I've sent them that they have actually read and asked me more questions about!
    We are all so sorry you did not pass :(
    I hope IA sorts it out quickly!!!