Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Traced Their Feet

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I had the measuring tape along, just in case, but we ended up tracing their feet on the white cardboard backing of a book of stickers.  My fear about shoes is completely long as the kids don't grow!

Despite wanting to write down everything in my heart and mind, I simply cannot write long because it is past midnight and I am exhausted and mentally preparing to be picked up for court at 9:00am. The internet has been down for over 24 hours, and just came back up thirty minutes ago.

Here are a few thoughts to hold you until I can write what I really want:

  • they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!   Teeny, teeny tiny for their ages, even in comparison to other to-be-adopted children of their ages, but so beautiful.  I recognized them both from their referral pictures, though he is quite different in appearance than those pictures.
  • the orphanage is meticulously clean and tidy, the children are very well cared for and obviously loved by their caregivers.
  • she has fire in her and has sparkly eyes when she smiles, as if she has secrets tucked up there behind her eyes.  He is reserved (for now!) and cracked not a single smile during our 90 minutes there...but he was very aware and alert.
  • the children (all of them) LOVE stickers and hot wheels cars and bouncy balls and soccer balls...and did I mention the stickers??  Oh, and the girls loved the sticker earrings I brought for them (thanks for the idea Sharla!); most of the boys clearly disdained sticker earrings...we didn't need to speak a common language for me to understand what they were saying!
  • I saw her first; she was alone in a little room that I was taken to.  My first thought was 'oh, how beautiful and how teeny tiny she is' and my second thought was, 'oh, that's my daughter!'  When I first saw him, my first thought was 'he's sooo small for his age and looks so sober, but he's my son...we need to teach our boy how to have some fun in our family.'
Folks, I am so tired I just can't write more tonight.  But know that I appreciate every well wish and every prayer that you have told me about - as we head into court tomorrow morning, I feel supported and cared for, and hopeful, too.

There is so much going on in my heart right now and this is such a huge moment in our lives.  Seeing the kids today really was a moment worth waiting all of these years for.

More soon, I promise.  Blessings all...including to two certain little folks in the city of Adama.


  1. so happy for you Ruth, I was thinking of you today meeting your children. Can't wait to hear more.
    Shannon (-:

  2. I'm hanging on your every word Ruth. I probably won't sleep tonight in anticipation of your court date. Please know that my thoughts, prayers etc are with you and Geoff right now. All the best for tomorrow.

  3. Ruth and family-
    Praying for you and court tomorrow!
    Grace and Peace,

  4. Hi Ruth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So wonderful , I can imagine you are tired beyond words , what a day for your body and heart.

    I hope you know I am going to court with you even if it is tuck in the small of your suit pocket.

    Much love
    Sending all the good vibes your way for court.

  5. Praying, praying, praying!!!!!

    Will be up all night waiting for your blog post!!!

  6. I haven't checked my reader in awhile and the first thing I saw was "I traced their feet"
    I screamed so excited for you both!!
    Thinking of you - it is definitely a life changing trip. We can't wait to go back to Ethiopia.

    Lots of prayers,
    Michelle Q

  7. I want you to know I'm holding Matthew, Geoff, you, and your two Ethiopian children in my heart. May court go smoothly tomorrow, and may you understand what goes on and participate in the proceedings effectively. Love, love, love, love, love. Joanne

  8. Ahhh..I was so glad to read you had met the children! And that you have conquered your foot nightmares!

    We are all sending you positive thoughts for court tomorrow. I know a few families passed a few days ago with Imagine, so I am really hoping you, Naomi and the others that are there with you will pass as well!

    Best of luck!!!!


  9. Ruth and Geoff, all the best tomorrow! Glad things are going well.

    Saw Matthew on Tuesday and he is doing well from what we saw and heard. We almost didn't see him as he was playing under the stairwell (a familiar place).

    You might try "Paint" (if you have it), and stretch pic down to smaller size and see if that will post one or two.

    Again, best of luck to you both tomorrow, we are so excited and glad for you. See you when you get home.


  10. Oh! How exciting. I can't wait to hear the rest of the details :)

    Good luck in court tomorrow :)

  11. Ruth,

    Isn't it weird in the many conversations we've had over the past year - I've never told you about the Africa I encountered (or my experiences in Jamaica for that matter). After all this time - the intensity of being in such a foreign environment must be SO overwhelming! But never mind all that because...YOU SAW THEM!!!!!!
    They are real, with real faces, limbs and personalities! How incredibly awesome - really like a birth! Wait until you get to hold them and hold them and hold them... Phil and I will be fasting tonight and tomorrow morning for court. Our prayers are with you!

  12. Oh Ruth, I am praying praying praying for you. Praying for your little girl that you get to nurture that spark of fire you see in her, praying for your little boy that you teach him to laugh with your family, praying for Matthew that he gets his long awaited siblings, and praying for you and Geoff that you pass court tomorrow, and get to bring those children home. I will be thinking of you every minute of the day tomorrow- hoping and praying, and waiting with baited breath.

  13. I just read your entire post to my husband and we are both sitting here in tears. We are so happy for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I said to him I feel like I know so many of these women. I feel so privileged to be part of this journey with all of you and it is truly a gift to know you are finally near the end of this chapter. Thank you for your honesty and writing. I am so blessed to have *met* you. Jessaxx

  14. Its so amazing to hear you talk about meeting them for the first time. I can't wait to hear more about your time with them! I will be praying for you tonight as I fall asleep. I will pray that all will go very well in court.

  15. ruth ruth ruth..I don't even know what ot say. my heart is full of joy for you right now. it is 3 am in themorning here..I know that the Lord woke me up to pray for you, and so I have been. oh to see your children! to hold their little feet! (I just HAVE to know..DID you wear a long sleeve shirt and DID you whip out the measuring tape from your sleeve??:)
    My thoughts and prayers are very much with you right now...I'm not sure what time it is there, but I know our mighty loving God woke me up to pray! love darci

  16. Good Morning Ruth,

    5:30 am and I just woke up and had to tell you , I dreamed of you and a the blog , Yes you where hinting about court news to come and it was so real and your blog looked just like your blog , so a very real feeling dream.
    Hope real life went as well as my dream world.
    Thinking of you
    You must be so tired , Hope tonights sleep helps.

  17. What an incredible moment it must have been to see them for the first time! You and Geoff will be amazing parents to these children. I'm glad you had a chance to measure their feet and can gleefully go shoe shopping when you get home.
    All the best today in court,

  18. Loved hearing the little details about your meeting with the kids. Can hardly wait to hear more.

    Prayed so much yesterday about court and you were the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. I hope that no matter the outcome of court, you are feeling okay and able to rest in the knowledge that these will be your kids.

  19. Is it considered obsessive that I am refreshing your blog every three seconds? I am so nervous I can't even eat. Praying for you...