Friday, February 4, 2011

Gifts for the Kids

If we, by some miracle (given the recent challenges we've become aware of), pass court on February 11th, we will be able to visit our children again and give them a few small gifts that we have purchased.  If we don't pass court on that date, the gifts will be held there by Imagine Adoption's staff, and given to the children when we eventually do pass court.

A number of people have expressed interest in what we plan to give them, and I know how helpful it was for me when other btdt families shared their gift I thought I'd tell/show you!

Here's what we plan to give to our five-year-old boy:
  •  a blue, corduroy bag (hand-made by my mother)
  • a cozy, polka dot, polar fleece blanket (also finished by my mom)
  • a photo album with 50 photos in it
  • a teddy
  • a book of nursery rhymes
  • a giraffe toy
  • three hot wheel cars
  • a super-bounce rubber ball
  • a sketch pad
  • markers
  • a digital tape recorder 

And for our three-year-old daughter:
  •  a pink, corduroy bag (hand-made by my mother)
  • a cozy, polka dot polar fleece blanket (also finished by my mom)
  • a photo album, with 50 photos in it
  • a small doll
  • a book: I Love You Always and Forever
  • a giraffe toy
  • a Littlest Pet Shop
  • a super-bounce rubber ball
  • a sketch pad
  • markers
  • head bands
  • a digital tape recorder 

I later added a package of heart-shaped stickers to each of their piles.

(don't you love the blanket fabric...and it's so soft and cozy!)

We had some fun with the digital recorders.  Geoff, Matthew and I recorded them together.  On each recorder, we introduced ourselves and shared some opening thoughts we had about their joining our family. Then we read the book that we bought for their gift bags, and also read the one we gave to their sibling.  We took turns with the nursery rhymes, and sometimes said them all together, and we even sang a few of them.  Then, I 'interviewed' Matthew as he talked about how much he was looking forward to having his brother and sister come home.  We concluded by taking turns telling them how much we loved them, etc etc.  We had a great time, first with his recorder, then with hers.  We hope they like them.


  1. great GREAT ideas!! love them, and those blankies...well, I want one! :) so cozy

  2. Those are lovely gifts for your new sweet hearts!
    I see you put alot of care and thought into your childrens packages.
    I will be praying for you and your family as your trip and court date are approaching.
    Many Blessings,

  3. What a wonderful idea with the voice recorders! So smart!!!

    The gift packs look great. I sure hope that YOU get to be the ones to give them and see they joy in their faces when they check out all the special things you chose for them.

    Have a wonderful trip...not long now! Ack!


  4. HI Ruth,

    Getting caught up here on my comments and wow I better hurry. I almost cried today when I saw how you signed your name on yahoo , Leaving for court in 2 days !!!!!!!!!! Wow
    Love the care and love that went into these gift packages and they sure made me smile , Imagine what the kids will think.
    I am so sorry about the paper work and maybe just maybe there will some kind of court paper work miracle.( I am so glad you know ahead of time so you can protect your heart a little bit better )
    As for the pimple on the chin , oh well you will still be one very beautiful proud lady as you stand up in front of that judge.
    Thinking of you
    much love

  5. Very thoughtful and wonderful gift bags :) My thoughts and prayers are with you as you take this amazing journey!