Monday, December 6, 2010

Donation Collection

Although we don't yet know what our court date will be, we're guessing it will be around mid-February...which gives us a couple of months yet to collect donations for two orphanages.  The first orphanage we hope to visit will be the orphanage in Addis, where we will meet our children for the first time, a day or two before court.   The second orphanage is one we very much hope to visit:  it is the orphanage our children were brought to by members of their birth family when they were initially relinquished.  The reason I say that we hope to visit there is because we will visit there only if we pass court, and are then able to arrange a two-day trip to the region where they came from.

I want to open up an invitation to any of my readers to consider making a donation that would help supply these orphanages.  If this interests you, we would gladly accept either goods or money.  If you would like to donate goods (see list below), our agency suggests that they be new or gently used items, and clean.  If you would like to donate money, we will take that to Ethiopia with us, convert it to the local currency, and purchase items there which are needed (which also supports the local economy).  Items that we will purchase there will include things such as: diapers and formula for the younger children; teff flour (the standard flour in Ethiopia); toys; clothing; and other things that the orphanages indicate are in need.  If we raised several hundred dollars, we might also be able to purchase furniture that is needed.  Even a little bit of money goes a lot further there than it would here.

There are many things that are currently needed by the orphanage, but here are the things I have decided to focus my efforts on collecting:

  • Bed sheets (twin or crib)
  • Medicine (antibiotic cream such as polysporin; children's tylenol; band aids and other first aid supplies)
  • Blankets
  • Socks (newborn through eight years of age)
  • Underwear (boys and girls; two years through eight years)
  • Collapsable soccer balls with air pumps

My plan is that every time I go to Superstore, I will add a few extra things to my cart for donation; adding a couple packages of socks or underwear, or a tube of polysporin or bottle of tylenol each time won't break our bank account, but will have a huge impact there.  I plan, too, to ask my unsuspecting mother if she will sew a few soft, fleecy blankets to donate.  Finally, I will be asking a few local pharmacies and clothing stores to consider donating a few items on this list.  If there is anything you would like to donate, I would be thrilled to take it along for you and personally take it to the orphanages.

Lots of wonderful people focus on collection of clothing or toy items for donation.  However, I understand that quite a few children in both orphanages are currently wearing clothing without underwear or socks, because there simply aren't enough to go around.  That saddens me, as does the thought of not being able to provide a cozy blanket for a child to cuddle up with at night, or medicine to give to a sick or hurt child.

The needs are so huge, and a little bit goes a very long way.  If something here catches your attention, please send me an email, or leave me your email address in the comment section.  I've love to touch base.


  1. LOVE to do know my email addy. :) let me know where we can send and it will be great to do as a family..especially Christmas time, as we seek to focus our kids on the real meaning! love darc

  2. Ruth,
    Let us know when you are going. I have probably more than we can take with us when it is our turn- blankets (our boys had many they never even touched) and some really nice jeans and shorts that can stand up to the dust. Thanks!

  3. What a wonderful ideas. We plan to do the same thing to help our son orphanage. Thanks for your ideas.

  4. Just a thought- we had lots of donations when we went and we had some donation money. The money goes so much farther there then here. The goods are available there (most anyways) and when you buy them there you are also supporting their economy. It was fun to collect donations (our kids had collected donations instead of birthday party gifts for 3 years) but it felt so good to support their economy too (another idea is to donate through Canadian Humanitarian or other organizations and you don't need to spend so much time giving out donations or purchasing them while you are there). Just a thought...

    PS Did my email ever get to you with my blog invite?