Friday, November 19, 2010

Notice Anything Missing?

Yes, on Wednesday, Matthew lost his first tooth!

One might think that losing one's first baby tooth would be an exciting event, given that the boy in question has been wiggling it every minute or two for the past two weeks.  And he was very excited after the first hour...but when it was first noticed missing, he was devastated by its loss and cried the tears of the broken hearted.

You see, this tooth was Matthew's favourite tooth (I didn't know that one should even have a favourite tooth, but he did!); months ago he had named it Blader, and he loved that tooth for some mysterious reason that he could never explain.  When it was that particular tooth that began to show signs of loosening, Matthew decided that he would never leave this particular tooth to the tooth fairy whose existence he never really bought (and who we've never promoted) - and he cared nothing about receiving money for it.  He had determined that he would keep it forever, take care of it always.

So when, on Wednesday evening, we discovered that it was missing (read: swallowed), it did not bring the expected joyous reaction.  Instead, he dramatically threw himself on the floor, devastated, and cried for a very long time.  His refrain was:  "Blader, oh my Blader, where are you Blader?  I miss you, and wanted to take care of you forever."

Ultimately, the tears dried and he went to the mirror to check out the hole that Blader had left him with.  Then he discovered that he could stick the tip of his tongue through it, as well as a narrow straw through which he could suck up milk without opening his jaw.  His face brightened and, at some point, his grief was forgotten and the first tooth loss celebrated.  All is, again, right with the world!


  1. Hehe, I've never heard of a tooth with a name!

  2. Oh Ruth--your little boy is growing up! :-), :-(

  3. Ha ha. My little five year old lost his tooth on Thursday! His was the other middle bottom name though.

  4. What a little character to have a favourite tooth and to give it a name even!

    Well, you can tell him that Sedaya lost her first tooth, in the exact same spot, just two days after he lost his. She was reluctant to lost it too and it had been loose for months and was to the point of barely hanging on, but she did not want it to come out. She was happy that it didn't hurt when it did and she was delighted that the tooth fairy gave me a loonie to give her (it wasn't under her pillow in the morning but I found it in my pocket!)

  5. Cool! Did you know when you lose your tooth in Ethiopia you throw it on the roof and sing a bird song? True story...