Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chef Matthew

I've never had so much chocolate for breakfast in my life.  I would have thought it nirvana, but surprisingly it made me a bit nauseated!  But I soldiered on...

Last week, Matthew announced that he would like to make me breakfast, and asked me to stay in the office for a while, so that he could prepare things.  Turns out I was in the office for almost an hour, while he toasted leftover waffles that we'd made the day before (and which were cold by the time we ate an hour later), warmed milk (labeled "dip") in the microwave, meticulously cut up our food for us (the waffle as well as the chocolate-covered granola bar that was destined to be dipped into the warm milk with toothpicks), dug chocolate bars and smarties out of the halloween candy box and laid them beside our plates, and poured us a glass of cold milk to drink.  We were both very proud of his efforts, and we both knew that it was a labour of love.

He put out peanut butter and nutella, too, in case I might like to add this to the smarties on top of my waffle (I graciously declined). He even poured the syrup for me.

He was so excited to be offering me his love on a plate.

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  1. oh yummy! great job Matthew, looks so good :)