Monday, August 16, 2010

One Week Closer

A few days ago, on Friday evening, after another week had passed by without a referral, I felt a little down.  I'd started the week so pumped, thinking that the call would happen any second.  My gut was so clear in anticipating a referral for either last week or this week - but privately, of course, I'd hoped that it would be last week.  But I guess one's heart can only hang onto hope of that intensity for a finite period of time before giving way to something a little more bearable.  I noticed that by the time Friday morning hit, I was no longer lugging the phone from room to room, and I was back to answering its ring without my heart leaping into my throat every time.  It's a little easier this way - at least I can go about my day without losing my marbles!  And after all, as one kind friend said in an email, I may as well get on with things because the call would happen when I least expected it - such as when I was sitting on the potty, she added!  OK, I hope that I don't get the call in that kind of moment - what kind of story would that be to tell.

Towards bedtime yesterday, I started to think a little more hopefully again - call me PollyAnna, or whatever, but here's what I'm thinking:
  • We are now one week closer to our referral.  YAY!
  • There is no doubt in my mind that there is now a little one who has been identified as waiting for a new family...our family.  That is more progress than we have experienced in any of the previous twenty-seven months of the journey to this point.  I need to rest secure in this knowledge.  There are people actively working on our behalf over in Ethiopia right now. 
  • Our little beloved, who has now experienced the irrevocable trauma of separation from his birth family - a travesty that no child (or parent) should have to go through - doesn't know yet that there are other, additional people now who are waiting for him and who already love him unconditionally, and who pray many times a day that he (and his bio family) will experience comfort and assurance beyond his comprehension.
  • Our referral may just happen this week!


  1. One step closer ..............

    One week closer ........................

    I also woke up this morning thinking .....please let the phones ring, please please let them ring.

    I had a pot luck on the weekend with a great group of adopting singles mom ( these ladies have saved me many times over ) This weekend I was sitting in a lovely farm kitchen and your name came up. A friend who was there was saying she noticed I was on your blog and we both agreed how much we wished you where at the dinner with us hanging out at the kitchen table. So in some funny way we spent part of the weekend with you.

    Hope you can find some peace this week or at least some distractions while you wait ......

    Take care
    ( who is trying to find hidden secret powers to make the phone ring )

  2. You are absolutely one week closer!!! That is good news no matter what way you look at it! Perhaps this will be the week, perhaps there is still some paperwork to gather but one thing you know for sure is that your little one is alive already, has gone through some loss, and needs the prayers of his or her new family so perhaps you could set aside this week as a praying for your new child week instead of a waiting week (though I'm sure there will be some waiting in there too!).

  3. I am wishing with all my heart you get your referral any day now!! I can't wait to see that post with the word REFERRAL at the top of it!!!


  4. Thinking about you!!!! It's gonna happen, every minute you are getting closer.
    Can't wait to hear about when you get that call!!!

  5. Shannon, I would have LOVED being at your dinner - how fun would that have been!! What a lovely thing to tell me!!

    Sharla, I had a similar thought this weekend about really focusing on prayer this week, for our little one(s). I've been praying for so long already, but now that I feel we're so close, it makes the prayers somehow more real/specific/meaningful, so I'm going to be praying a lot more and with greater clarity this week...and on an ongoing basis.

    Jessa, I've had so many thoughts about how I'm going to post our eventual referral news but one thing seems pretty clear - it will have the word 'referral' at the top!

    THanks for the thoughts, girlfriends!


  6. I can't wait to see your name on the Yahoo board. It will be a joy symphony.

  7. It's so good that you are looking at the positives and reminding me to also look at them. Praying that your referal will be here by the end of the week.

  8. oh how I hope to hear that news. I needed some positive Pollyanna vibes :) as I have been feeling pretty discouraged this week..there are times it just feels like it will never happen, nd others I feel like it could be any day. Here's hoping and praying this is the week for you! darci

  9. Praying with you, Ruth! Thanks for the fresh perspective. One moment closer!

  10. THank you all for the supportive comments!!


  11. I love how you are so positive! Yes you are a week closer! I too am thinking about you and waiting for your referral post! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  12. Thanks Alicia...and right back at you! I can hardly wait til you announce yours, too!!