Thursday, August 12, 2010

Matthew's Chosen Profession.

Well, it's final, apparently.  Matthew has decided on his profession, post education:  He plans to work as a Ninja Master, and live in Old in, fifteenth century Japan (can you tell he's been listening to Magic Treehouse audio CDs?).  The only drawback, according to him, is that he won't be able to see me very often because Japan is "pretty far away."  When I asked him how he felt about that he said that, although he'll miss me, I should be able to understand his absence because he'll be in hard training - all preparation for being Ninja Master.

Strength, ability to jump far distances, and kicking things hard and fast enough to break them, all appear to be pre-requisites for this profession, so he is is working on these things diligently (though he refuses to consider karate lessons!).

I also recently reminded him that Ninjas, to my knowledge, were perhaps he needs to work on this a little, too.

* Thanks for the comment, Jessa - yes, it would be interesting to take a sojourn over to Japan!  He's so funny in the weird things he decides he wants to do...I so enjoy hearing him.  And to see his skinny little body determined to do ninja-like behaviours just cracks me up!


  1. lol!!! That's awesome!! I hear Japan is pretty nice so maybe your whole family will relocate for the ninja master. ; )

  2. Oh, he is such a champ - "Put those guns away" Sara would say!

  3. What a handsome strong, enthusiastic boy! Moving to Japan wouldn't be too hard. I'd follow my boys ANYWHERE. I know you adore your Matthew, too. You'd fly across the world to be with him, eh? (: