Monday, August 23, 2010

Marking a Moment in Time

When I was learning about financial statements during my business degree program, I learned that a company's balance sheet is like a snapshot in time.  It is a statement of assets and liabilities as of the day of preparation; it would have looked different had it been prepared a day earlier, and it would be different again if prepared the following day instead.  But for that one moment in time, the balance sheet marked the status of that company's existence.  Assets = Liabilities + Net Worth/Equity.

The snapshot of our today is one of waiting for twenty-eight months for our referral from Ethiopia.  Two years and four months ago, our file landed in Ethiopia and, on that date, we noted the beginning of our countdown to referral.  Yesterday, our story was a little different, and tomorrow it will have changed again.  But today, we mark twenty-eight months on this part of our journey.  Assets and liabilities have been accounted for, and there are many items cataloguing both sides of this balance sheet:  items of great value that have been countered in equal measure by the things that have weighed us down and hung about our necks like the proverbial albatross.

When I consider everything at this point in our journey, I can't help but think that perhaps the equity, the internal net worth, in all of this is what's really of importance on our balance sheet.  Our internal net worth has increased substantially in the ten years we have been trying to create and complete our family; we're different as a result of this journey; we possess a stronger, rather than a weaker, faith; and we are a bit more durable, a bit more thankful, than we were before.

So you know, I'm ok with today's snapshot.  I know our day is coming soon and I believe that God's hand is guiding the process as it's meant to be, regardless of outcome.  And so I choose to be content and to wait...knowing that today is just a moment, a marker in the journey.


  1. My friend, you are so right and God's timing is perfect! I would never imagine this journey without God's hand on my shoulder, guiding my way.

    Thinking of you and wishing you good news soon :)


  2. Praying for you as you 'wait'!!

  3. The amazing thing about blogging - is you now have the post for your thoughts 'just before'. What an awesome thing to remember - that these were your meditations just hours before 'the call'.