Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Additional Flowers in the Backyard Today

Here's our backyard today - a little bit shaggier than it was a year ago (and the lighting oddly doesn't do justice to it for some reason), but still a lovely place to be:

Day lilies with a background of prairie grasses:

The first of the hydrangeas, with some ninebark shrubs to the left:

Some Indian Paintbrush (these will become a very vivid colour of pink and white):

We have a bunch of flowering spirea shrubs (below, in front of some lovely prairie grasses), which are past their prime but still a lovely shrub:

I have no idea what these purple beauties are called, but they're lovely!

These annuals (below) are called Tropical Punch - pretty!

OK, the Hostas below don't have flowers yet, but they're about to burst into a whole lotta them:

Matthew wanted to choose a small pot full of flowers for himself, and so these are his tiny little violas; they're just starting to fill out the little container I bought for him:

In our previously-neglected front yard, we've just planted a number of perennials to eventually fill in the gap between the cedars; to the left is a lovely lilac tree that I neglected to take pictures of this spring:

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